13 steps of creation


13 Steps of Creation

a set of 13 cards inspired by the cycle and energy of the moon

created by studio else


1 Year – 13 Moons

Like everything in nature, human beings are affected by the seasons, affected by the
positions of the Moon, the Sun and other heavenly bodies.
Maybe you have experienced being more tired and withdrawn in the winter time or felt you were full of energy and couldn’t sleep when it was a full Moon.
Like a tree, we have times when we blossom and we have times when our leaves fall and we feel vulnerable and naked.

For a seed there is a right time to plant it so it can grow into a plant that will blossom and give fruit. The same counts for our own processes of development and creation.
There is a good time to get inspiration, a good time to organize our new plans, a good time to create it and a good time to show it to the world.

In a year the Earth orbits the Sun one time and in the same time the Moon orbits the Earth 13 times.
These positions of the Earth in relation to the Sun and the Moon have a influence on our energy and needs. When you work with this energy you will see that everything will flow more easily.
It’s like pedalling against stream or letting yourself drift away.
Work with the stream of nature and you will fly.


Work with the energy of nature

Each of the 13 cards in this set created by studio else, represent one orbit of the Moon around the Earth.
One step of a Year journey of self development and  the process of creation.

On one side of the card you will find a quote that represents the phase of the year we are in at that moment, during this orbit of the Moon.
On the other side you will find the kind of energy you can work with this Moon.
What kind of step in our processes is good to take right now?
What do we need this time of the year?
Is this the time to come up with new ideas, the time to be inspired, the time to go inside for answers or is it the time of the year to shine and go outside.
You will find out with these cards.
Work with these cards and you will see that everything will go a bit easier.
Plant your own seeds and blossom like a flower.